How I got a 100% conversion rate for an app (out of 100 people)
July 20, 2020
Backstory: I was the CEO of a social networking app called CHICKEN. Think: Snapchat, but without filters or delete functions. Our mission was to make direct communication more raw, real, and human.

It was a fun time. We did a lot of cool experiments. Here's a very interesting experiment we did where we got a 100% conversion rate (out of 100 people).

How it started: I made a bet that I could get 100 people to download the app and create an account. I think the time limit was 8 hours.

Mind you, our onboarding flow was painful to watch. It involved 5+ app screens and took 3-4 minutes:
  • welcome screen; 
  • enter phone number; 
  • verify phone number;
  • enter email; 
  • enter birthday;
  • allow notifications/contacts/camera/microphone...

How I approached people: Since we lived near a college campus and our target market was 18-22 year olds, I went to a few coffee shops. I went in with the intention of really selling the vision of our product. I'd say something like:
  • "I know you're studying, but can you just give like 10 seconds to ask you a question?"
  • "I'm working on a new app with my friend."
  • "We think communication on the internet is broken."
  • "We built an app. It's called CHICKEN."
  • "It's like Snapchat, but better."
  • (I then proceed to pull out a rubber CHICKEN and make a squeaking noise)
  • "Could you take 5 seconds to download the app? We'd reallllly appreciate it."
  • etc. etc.

If they were hesitant, I told them that they'd be helping out a local business. Got them every time.

I walked around for about 6 hours and got 100 people to create an account. 100 new emails. 100 new phone numbers.

Can you guess my conversion rate? I bet you won't.


That's right. 100% of people I spoke with downloaded the app AND created an account. EVERY single person I approached. Can you imagine that? I would never in 100 years.

How did I do it? Maybe I was born with the gift of the gab. Maybe I was super honest and was just being myself (I think it was the latter).

Moral of the story? It goes to show...

Nothing beats in-person marketing.

I barely get 5% CTR on my Google campaigns. Ha!

So the next time you're struggling to get users, try getting personal. You might be surprised.

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