Building wealth on the internet + starting mini companies, an AMA hosted by CJ Finley
May 21, 2020
I did an impromptu video call with CJ Finley, the founder @

We talked about why I started Mini Startups, referral marketing, helping others thrive, and launching courses.

0:00 - Why the hell did you just go into making a course randomly?

0:45 - You can offer an affiliate model for the course. What's your strategy for the course?

2:18 - How did you find your target market?

2:50 - Do you plan to run ads, at all?

3:45 - Why should someone purchase Mini Startups?

4:47 - Have you created a "Founder's" group?

5:45 - WRAWKSTAR says hello. Check him out on Spotify here. He's a conscious rapper who also runs a clothing brand, WRAWK.

6:15 - Why did you choose Podia to launch your course?

7:25 - How much time did it take you to put Mini Startups together?

8:30 - What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own course?

9:10 - How did you go about pricing your course?

10:50 - What are your final comments about the course?
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