Learn to build small tech companies from scratch

Our curriculum helps entrepreneurs launch simple, profitable startups. No coding necessary.

It's like getting a business, marketing, legal, and UI/UX degree in one.
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I. UI/UX Design Module

Learn how to design app interfaces on the fly. No coding necessary!

II. Business Module

Learn to form shell companies, write contracts, and negotiate deals like a CEO.

Topics they don't teach you in school.

III. Legal Module

Get access to the same legal docs that the pros use, like NDA's, IP Agreements, Royalty Contracts, and more.

IV. Growth Hacking

Become an App Store Neurohacker.

Master topics like guerrilla marketing, game theory, and human motivation.

Topics Covered

Sourcing free/discounted developers
Reddit guerrilla marketing
Finding hidden app niches
Making app prototypes in <1hr
Game theory, persuasion, and neuro-hacking

Featured Mini Startups

Crystal (medication + symptom tracker)
Accept (web-based point-of-sale)
Jade (mobile EMR for doctors)
CHICKEN (group video messaging app)
Breathe (5-minute meditation app)
Vigor & Whim (ecommerce site for home decor)
Leslie (stealth)

About your instructor

Hey! I’m Stefan. I'm a former UX Designer @ Apple + app entrepreneur. 
I’ve been launching iOS apps, websites, and startups since dropping out of med school in 2013.
Since then, I’ve built over 50 apps and mini startups, some of which produce residual income.
Currently, I’m the Founder @ Martian, and I reside in tacos. I mean Austin, Texas. :)


Do I have to know how to code? I'm not technical.

No, not at all. In fact, I don't even know how to write code. For the most part, all of the apps I've launched were made by someone else.

How long is the course?

I plan to add in sections here and there as the course goes on, but plan to spend a few weeks (2-3) getting to understand the content.

What if I don't like the course?

14-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. If >50% is completed, we cannot refund you so as to make it fair for all students.

Do you coach startups or other early-stage tech entrepreneurs?

I sure do. For a different price, of course. :)

Is the course self-paced and do I get lifetime access?

Yes, and yes again!

Do I need to already have an app idea?

No, not at all! The course helps you find a new app idea if you don't already one.

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Learn how to quickly build apps without knowing how to code, validate business ideas, and guerrilla market.
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